Saturday’s Theme Music

Yippee. December’s first Saturday has arrived. Per family tradition, I get to eat like a kid all day, play games, and goof off. Not much different from most of my days.

Only four Saturdays remain of 2022. It’s so exciting to watch each Saturday overtake us and unfold like a rare flower. Today is already December 3. The heat is running, the sun is shining, but a cold northy wind is beating us like a drum. It’s 46 F and it feels like 36. Today’s high will be a rousing 51. The winds are expected to dip and the sun has issued promises that sunshine is here for the day. Speaking of the sun, its rise was 7:22 AM. Only a few weeks until the sun’s arrival starts moving back the other day, spreading daylight longer through the day. The sun’s endpoint will be at 4:39 PM. Daylight will fade shortly after.

I was singing to one of my floofmates last night. Papi, the ginger wonder, had an attitude going on. Just like sitting back, surveying the scene, a disdainful observer too cool to be involved. The way he reclined and surveyed prompted both a laugh from me and a proclamation that he was a soul cat. I then improvised lyrics to the song “Soul Man” for his listening delight. He deigned to be delighted.

Taking notice of all this, The Neurons delivered “Soul Man” to the morning mental music stream. The song, written by Isaac Hayes and Dave Porter, was a hit by Sam and Dave in 1967. That’s the song I knew and grew up with. But I must admit, The Blues Brothers version delighted me because of the characters Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi brought to stage in 1978. I’m going with the latter for today’s theme music.

Stay positive and test negative. Enjoy December’s First Friday. I’m gonna start with a hot cup of the black brew known as coffee. Here’s the music. Hope you like it more than Papi. Of course, that may have been my mocking or singing putting the cat off.


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  1. Your floofs allow you to sing to them??? WHOA! Either you have much more tolerant floofs or a better singing voice than I, for I have been nearly shredded more than once for trying to sing to them. More often, though, they just walk away in disgust and head up the stairs hoping to escape! Cool video! Have a great weekend, my friend! Hugs ‘n cheers!

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    1. These two are interesting. Papi looks puzzled. Tucker mutters something and then comes to me and gives me some loving.

      But I know of what you speak. When my wife would sing, we had one cat that would head to her and tap her mouth as though saying, “Would you stop that?” Another used to peer into her mouth and sniff it as though asking, “What the what?

      LOL. Floofs. Hugs and cheers.

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      1. Tucker probably thinks you are in pain and hopes his loving will help ease the pain!

        I have to laugh at the way the other cats used to treat your wife when she sang! The tap on the mouth is kinda cute, but I’d have been a bit nervous with one peering into my mouth … if ours did that, we night lose a tongue! Aren’t they fun, though? Hugs and cheers, my friend!

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