Tuesday’s Wandering Thought

He’d done Wordle in two moves yesterday, and he was proud and pleased. Two moves! He was usually lucky to get it done in four. But he’d taken his wife’s advice to be intuitive. And, you know, he’d been lucky.

She’d finally joined him in the office, giving him the chance to crow. After mentioning the intuition thing, he said, “So my first guess was offbeat.”

Confusion creased her expression. “Offbeat is too big.”

He stared at her. “Let me try again. My first guess was an offbeat word choice.”

“Choice is six letters. That’s too many letters.” Understanding broke on her face. “Oh, I see.”

His stare deepened. “Tell you what, honey. Let’s get some coffee in you and then I’ll continue this tale.”

Both laughed.

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