Thursday’s Theme Music

All the leaves aren’t brown, and the sky’s not gray. Mr. Blue Sky and Ms. Sunshine have taken over again. Although temperatures threaten the gonads with freezing when out at night, the midnight views of moon, stars, planets, and galaxies have been clear and spectacular.

It’s 39 F out and rising since the sun brokered daybreak at 7:04 this morning. The gusting ways have finished for the moment. Leaves in all shades of reds and maroons, scarlets and plums, bronze and brown, lemon and gold, along with green variations, still hang in the trees. None have fallen to the ground in my neighborhood yet. I’m certain that past Octobers and Novembers found me raking leaves or planning to rake leaves as they migrate to the yard and driveway and cover the walk. Hasn’t happened yet this year. Yet. Always add the yet.

Yesterday afternoon after the wind closed up found us luxurious in sun-warmed sixty-degree (F) air. Won’t be as high today, the weather seers (weaers in professional terminology) boom on TV. Highs in our nugget of valley will be 52 F. The door closes on sunlight with the setting at 4:48 PM.

Met with my beer buddies last night. Elements of two local HS robotics teams — two teams, one school — met with us to introduce themselves, thank us for past donations, and show us their latest machines and what the competitive objectives are this year. Always fascinating to meet these young, intelligent, enthusiastic people. We’re happy to support them and made a $500 donation to their cause.

The Neurons have a Lizzo song in my morning mental music stream. Friend Jill commented that she doesn’t listen to the radio and doesn’t like much modern music. I heard “About Damn Time” yesterday, a song which came out this year, and wondered if Jill would like it. Its melody sounds like something out of the 1972 R&B era to my untutored old ears, so I thought that would appeal to Jill. A closer listening of the lyrics caused a re-appraisal of my position that Jill might like this song.

Didn’t matter. The Neurons had a hold of it and kept it going in the MMMS (trademark pending). So I offer it as Thursday’s theme music. It is a catchy, upbeat tune, so I don’t blame The Neurons.

This is Thursday, ya know, November 17, 2022. One week from today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. Time to start getting ready. Meanwhile, Black Friday will be the day after T-day, although many business entities declared that they’re starting Black Friday early. Cause, you know, it’s the American way to make things bigger and bigger and bigger until everyone says, “Too much. Please stop.” But as this involves money, shopping, and savings — and don’t you deserve a new car, truck, furniture, clothing or game? — this is gonna take some time to reach its saturation level and we all numb out. I think Black Friday started the week after Halloween this year.

Okay, on to Lizzo. Here’s the song. Hope you enjoy it. Stay positive and test negative. Get vaxxes as you can, and I’ll get some coffee, along with a slice of banana nut bread which a friend dropped off yesterday. Vax day is tomorrow for me and my spouse. Hope you have a tremendous Thursday.


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