Saturday’s Theme Music

The page was flipped from night to day at 5:43 AM in the valley. Hello. Today is Saturday, July 9, 2022. Your top stories are pretty standard fare so we’ll go right to the weather. It’s currently 19 C as chilly mountain air clings to the idea that it’s spring. The sun might have other ideas today. With no clouds to challenge it, temperatures will again pump up into the upper eighties, probably peaking at 86 to 88 F in this locale. Night takes over when the sun leaves out stage at 8:49 PM.

I have a personal favorite playing in my morning mental music stream, “25 or 6 to 4” by Chicago, who went by another name when the song was released back in 1970. (pause for dramatic effect) That was fifty-two years ago. Yes, over half a frigging century. Time sure flies when you’re living.

The song came into my mind as I was noodle about what to do, what to do, readying plans, asking myself, “Should I try to do some more?” That is, of course, all it took. The Neurons recognized that as a line from the song and unleashed the music.

That’s okay. It’s a sentimental favorite. Coming onto the scene as I tripped into being fourteen years old, the song embodied the guitar sound and exuberance I liked in my rock at that age. It’s a good song for air-guitar work.

Stay positive and test negative. COVID is hettin’ up here as the July 4th parade proved to be a superspreader event. Five more friends, all vaxxed and posted have mild symptoms and tested positive. One tested positive after having coffee with my wife, so she’s isolating at home. She has no symptoms and hasn’t tested yet. Fingers crossed, right? Yeah.

I’ll take some coffee now. You enjoy the tune. Here it is. Cheers

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