Saturday’s Theme Music

It’s green-bag day, so today’s first business was putting that outside. Tucker the magnificent was talking about how underfed, hungry, and neglected he is, and so had to be fed. Of course, as soon as food was mentioned, Papi said, “Hey, what about me?”

All in all, this Saturday, April 9, 2022, has started like many other days, if you ignore the green bag. Sunrise illuminated a blue spring sky at 6:42 AM. An overnight low of 39 degrees F had the heater run for a little time. We don’t expect much for a high, 52 F but we’ll accept it. Never did see any rain in my area today. Clouds are anticipated later today here but no rain.

Before dream processing, “Severed” by The Decemberists was orbiting the morning mental music stream. Somehow, the mind plates shifted, and the neurons began instead playing “I Alone” by Live from 1994. So that’s the theme music. Reflecting on the song, I remembered and confirmed that it was about learning spirituality on your own, that it’s something that can’t be given to you.

I took a day off from the news yesterday after reading initial reports of the rocket attack on a train station in Ukraine. I was also trying to focus on writing/re-writing, and pushing some energy that way. A friend read the alpha version of The Constant and had excellent feedback. I was immediately stimulated to start working scenes.

Well, I say a day from the news, but habits rode in and I was back at reading the news by the mid-afternoon. There, headlines from around the U.S. blared about more gun deaths. A two-year-old shot and killed his four-year-old sister in a car at a gas station. Six dead in Sacramento. Three dead in Florida. More dead somewhere else. But please, let’s talk about protecting children from hearing about gender. The idiocy makes me scream.

Stay positive and test negative, my friends, wear a mask as needed to protect you and your pods, and get the jabs to do the same. I have my coffee; here is the song. Cheers

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