Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunday exploded upon the town without warning. Cries rose as people realized with horror that, OMG, it’s Sunday and tomorrow is Monday, and the end of February is growing nigh.

More closely related to reality, the sun rose pretty much as it always does, at 7 AM, and will set at 5:50 PM. It’s 46 degrees F under a sky that looks indecisive about what the weather will be. Maybe there will be rain, or perhaps those clouds will break apart and let the sun in. The quasi-omnipresent weather folks don’t think it’s going to get much warmer than this. Fifty will be a stretch.

Alexa informed us that there’s a weather advisory for Ashland. She gave start and stop times. “What’s the weather advisory for?” we asked her. She said something like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Really, what’s the point of telling us one is out there if you can’t tell us what it’s for? We had to go all the way to the other room, maybe twenty-two steps as the Fitbit counts ’em, and look it up on the computer. “Barbaric,” I mumbled to my wife. “Truly,” she agreed. I think she may have rolled her eyes.

By the way, today is February 20, 2022. 02022022. Means something in binary. Means too that I need to do our income taxes. Usually have them done by now and submitted. I’m being a sluggard this year.

The morning mental music stream is heavy with sound today. Most of it is CSN&Y, Alice Cooper, and show tunes. I’m going with a video I saw on FB yesterday of CSN&Y with Tom Jones performing “Long Time Gone” on Tom Jones’ TV show in 1968. For one, I remember watching this show as a child. More, I was taken by the intensity of the performance. These guys were having a good time, and that’s always fun to see.

Here’s the music. Hope you enjoy it. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boost when you can. I’m getting coffee now. Second cup. Yeah, you heard me. Cheers

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