Thursday’s Theme Music

It’s crazy Thursday, where anything can happen to anyone at any time. In this regard, it’s very similar to crazy Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s also February 10, 2022, the only day it’ll ever be this day.

Sunrise was another sunshine-filled production. The mountains keep us fairly dark until the sun heaves itself over their edge, then it’s a fairly sudden illumination, a blazing concoction of light and heat. This officially came about at 7:14 this morning. Sunfall — or set, as many label it, for when the sun falls below the horizon as the Earth rotates — is due at 5:27 PM. Yesterday’s high saw us at 64 degrees F. They claim we’ll hit 75 today, about 23 degrees above our normal average high for this time of month and year. If we do hit that number, it’ll beat the record of 72, set back in 1992. What we’d really like is a bit of snow and rain. Our waters are steadily dropping, painting a despairing portrait of what the summer will be. Many growers are already lamenting that their produce will not grow again this year. Not enough water. Of course, that sends prices up locally, regionally, and nationally. It’s one big cluster growing.

Had beer with friends for a few hours yesterday evening. Six of us sat and toasted, recalled, lamented, and celebrated with a few pints at a favorite local brewery and restaurant, Caldera. We were outside, far from others. All six of us have been vaxxed and boosted, wear masks, isolate, and socially distant. None of had COVID, although two have tested themselves several times as colds and allergies kicked them in the nards.

Today has a 1975 Pink Floyd composition percolating in the morning mental music stream. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” was dedicated to a former band member, Syd Barrett. They’d terminated his relationship with the band amid his increasing health issues and inability to perform. I don’t understand why this song is playing today, but I have no problem with it; it’s a song that I enjoy and haven’t heard in a while. Of course, I’m only offering up part of it today. It’s a lengthy tune. I do recommend that you listen to the whole of it sometime.

Since someone mentioned percolating, I guess I’ll go get coffee. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters. Cheers

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