C-19 Vaccinations Update

I haven’t received a COVID-19 vaccination. I’m still pretty far down the order, so, shrug. I continue hiding at home. Although I dream of going out and getting coffee and sitting down somewhere. Oh, to have a beer with friends, or go dancing to live music, or just shopping without eyeing others as possible assassins…

Sorry, got diverted from my destination. I’ve heard good things about how the vaccinations are being conducted in Jackson County, Oregon. Jackson County set up the Expo Fairgrounds as the vaccination center. It’s all drive through. Signs inform people about expectations and wait times. Other signs tell people, “Honk if you need help”. All who’ve gone through it have come back with glowing reports about the efficiency witnessed. The numbers still aren’t large, but we’re following the tried course of employing baby steps before we break out into a run.

Cool, right? After reading about so many long lines elsewhere, vaccine shortages, and other stumbling blocks and struggles, a positive story was welcome.

On top of that, our county’s positive numbers and deaths continue dropping. Fingers crossed, right? Knock on wood. Spit three times. No, don’t spit there! Gross.

How ’bout you? How are vaccinations proceeding in your area?

3 thoughts on “C-19 Vaccinations Update

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  1. It’s chaos here, El Paso is considered a COVID hot spot. People don’t listen, they ignore curfews, potential exposure protocols, it’s maddening. There are long waiting lists for the general public, no one calls you back, one is left to deal with voicemails and full email boxes. No response, but it has to get better right? I’m crossing my fingers 🤞. Stay safe my friend 😷.


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