Monday’s Theme Music

Watched a FB video of a dog. Reading in a car, he seems to attempt to bite cars passing in the opposite direction. Guess it’s a dog car game. I thought, he’s only trying to bite white cars. That introduced blue cars into my thoughts, and then, voila, Dishwalla’s “Counting Blue Cars” (1996) arrived.

Must of been late afternoon
On our way the sun broke free of the clouds
We count only blue cars
Skip the cracks, in the street
And ask many questions
Like children often do
We said,
Tell me all your thoughts on God?
‘Cause I would really like to meet her.
And ask her why we’re who we are.
Tell me all your thoughts on God,
Cause I am on my way to see her.
So tell me am I very far –
Am I very far now?

h/t –

BTW, some were offended that they referred to God as a female.

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