The Other Shoe

I’ve been suspicious lately. It’s just the things that’ve been happening. I feel like I’m being set up.

  1. I have a weekly beer get-together with some friends. I wasn’t planning to go and passed that word along. Then, I changed my mind at the last minute and sent out an email telling the gang that I’d be there after all. Three others showed up who’d originally said they weren’t coming, telling me that they had come because I said I was coming. Well, thank you.
  2. My wife’s friend told her that she had a wonderful time talking with me at a party. She said that I was charming.  I almost spit out my wine when I heard that. My wife said that she noted to her friend, “Well, he was well-lubricated that night.”
  3. The baristas keep serving me free coffee. I’m suspicious. What do they want? Are they giving everyone free coffee? Are they giving anyone else free coffee? What’s their motive?
  4. Our Friendsgiving host gave me a huge hug and a grin when I arrived, and told me, “I’m so happy to see you. I’m so glad you came.” I figured that he must’ve been high.
  5. An actor showed up at Friendsgiving, causing a stir. People later looked him up on IMDB and were all abuzz at his credits. I didn’t know the guy and barely said ten words to him (it was a big crowd in a small place) but when he left, he sought me out and gave me his card, telling me, “I’m trying to write fiction, and several people told me that I need to talk with you. Please give me a call when you have a chance.” “Okay, I will,” I said, eyeing him, taking his card, and wondering, what are you up to? He looked harmless, but he is an actor.
  6. Got fan email telling me how much they loved one of my novels, how well written and smooth it was. I thought, what kind of con are you trying to pull? I wondered if they had the right author.

All this in less than two weeks. It’s more than I can take. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Listen up Doubting Debbie, take it for what it is, people admire you and think highly of your work. There is NO other shoe waiting to drop. If all of this hadn’t happened to you, instead had it happened to someone else, you’d be wondering “what does that person have I don’t?” Bask is the admiration, don’t question it.

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    1. Doubting Debbie? Sounds like I’m a creme-filled glaze doughnut.

      Some of this post is tongue-in-cheek, but with a dose of observation about the triality (is there such a word) of being. With triality, I mean our three standard states of physical, emotional, and intellectual being.

      Intellectually, I know and understand exactly what you’re saying. But life ain’t that simple. Emotionally, I struggle with being the center of attention or of accepting compliments and admiration, a situation that’s worsened through the years. Someday, someone will probably discover that one part of me was overactive and another had atrophied or I was deficient in some vitamin, mineral, or hormones, or something. Meanwhile, I shrug and carry on the struggle.

      But your comments are kind and mean a lot, at least intellectually. Just kidding; they also mean much emotionally.


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    1. Hey, paranoia, insecurity, and suspicion are my best friends. Just kiddin’. I understand what you’re sayin’. The post was partially tongue in check. I try to put those ideas aside, of course, but they’re always creeping up and in. It seems like a constant battle.

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      1. You know, I wrote this post in my head a few days before I typed it up and posted it, such was my ambivalence. Many facets were considered. My blogs are already all about me, and seem narcissistic. The actual post seems boastful. But the desire to confront these aspects of myself grew strong. The fact that I was so reluctant to share positive things about myself to anyone had to be addressed. I felt more comfortable mentioning them in the relative anonymity of an Internet blog vice FB, or in conversation with others. In the end, this is therapy.

        Thanks for reading and engaging me. Cheers

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