SUCKS, In Caps

Decided to make a change in my novel in progress. This is Book Four, An Undying Quest, in the Incomplete Series. 

I’m not certain but I overwrote the existing file without creating a backup. Worse, I’d decided to make this change without first backing up my work, violating my cardinal rule – backup, backup, backup, and save often.

Realizing my error immediately, I went into recovery mode. The results were depressing. No ASD files, no WKP files, or TMP files were found as a match for the initial version. No previous versions found. The file wasn’t found on One Drive.

Unbelievable. Three hundred fifty pages of the revised novel were lost.

Back to square two. I have the beta draft in its raw form. I’d started revising on October 18th, so it’s only a few weeks of work, and about half the novel.

Now I’ll walk and bash myself for being hasty and thoughtless, and take some deep breaths. It’s not the world’s end, or civilization’s end, or anything like that. It’s just a foolish setback. I’ll just need to reset myself, go back, and begin again, with some bitter lessons learned.

Done editing for today. Cheers


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    1. Thanks for the sympathy. I blame myself. Thinking about it last night, I recalled how my calendar reminders came and went without me completing my backups. Pathetic. I’m going to follow your example and save it in several places.

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