The Lesson

His backpack seems light. Walking along, he thinks, what did he forget? In a flash, he concludes, OMG, I forgot the power brick. As he walks, he considers options and decides, just stay off the net, edit, and work as long as possible before the power is gone.

It’s a downer because he was looking forward to the work session. Now it was all changed.

But unpacking, everything is there. He’d forgotten nothing. It would be business as usual.

Sipping his coffee, he thinks, I put all that energy into worrying about a possibility that didn’t come to be, a possibility based on a false perception.

There must be a lesson there, he decides, and then goes to work.


2 thoughts on “The Lesson

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  1. I think that’s called a “Senior moment”. Michael–it happens to all of us. I do recall a similiar incident but mine involved a manuscript that had to be mailed. I couldn’t remember if I had slipped it into my backpack, and at the mailbox, I couldn’t find it. I had to empty my backpack and there the culprit was–tucked at the bottom of my bag. . . .

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    1. LOL – I called these memory oversights. Can happen to anyone at any age. My favorite MO was when I stopped at a store for an iced tea and couldn’t find my money. While freaking out over the loss — or theft! — I charged the two dollar purchase. I felt mortified. Then I got in the car and remembered, oh yeah, I’d put my money in my shirt pocket. I never checked it.

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