Paula Said

Paula Hawkins, answering the question, Do you think of Into the Water as a more literary effort than The Girl on the Train?

Wednesday’s Theme Music

The music today comes via a personal experience. Trying to give my cat a pill, I kept saying, “Come on, give a little bit.” He never did but I managed to get the pill into him.


However, the diabolical little flooflaw then went under my desk and spit it out. When I retrieved it, I discovered three more pills. 


I crunched the pill up and put it into a little dab of water and administered it to him via an eye-dropper.

So, in honor of Quinn, here’s a past hit streaming through my awareness, Supertramp with “Give A Little Bit” from 1977.



Flooflaw (floofinition) – a house pet who contemptuously believes themselves above household rules; an animal scofflaw.

In use: “Household flooflaws broke into the cupboard and raided the treats and kibbles, leaving empty bags behind.”

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