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Wednesday’s Theme Music

I was streaming “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor, 1982) in my head as I was cleaning the carpets today.

“Eye of the Tiger” is one of those songs that was released and gained popularity while my wife and I lived outside of America working for Uncle Sam. In this case, we were at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. I was mostly working twelve-hour shifts in the 603rd MASS Command Post. Between those shifts and typhoons, it seems like we didn’t hear much from the outside world. When we visited Hawaii on leave, we discovered that McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets were the next greatest thing, MTV had launched and was gaining popularity, and Rocky III was the hot movie, with “Eye of the Tiger” as the movie’s defining song.

It all seemed a little surreal.


Delefloof (floofinition) – a housepet sent or authorized to represent other housepets. See also: delecat, deledog, delebird.

In use: “No matter what time he arrived home, exactly one delefloof met him at the door, like they’d been standing sentry inside it. Of course, after being home for one to three minutes — just enough time for the delefloof to activate the floof notification network (F.N.N.), the other floofs appeared, wanting attention and, of course, food.”

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