Metafloofics (floofinition) – discipline of floofosophy concerned with household pets’ fundamental grasp of reality, or what reality they might be living in.

In use: “The question before the hypothetical household court was one of metafloofics. They’d debated before whether the dogs and cats adhered to the same principles or reality and existence. Mark had a strong feeling that the cats did not, and he was starting to believe they were influencing the dogs.

“That, frankly, disturbed him.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

This is a hopeful song streaming today. “Love Will Find A Way” by Pablo Cruise (1978) is about experiencing the betrayal and heartache of lost love, and the wonder whether you’ll ever find love and happiness. Some don’t try, once they’ve been burnt. Others think that love doesn’t exist or matter, and more settle for a safe zone of living with another that you sometimes love, but sometimes hate. A few, though, never find love, and an’t sure about what they seek.


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