Floofen (floofinition) – a housepet who commit crimes, often involving food, toys, or escaping.

In use: “The floofens worked together as a team. The dog distracted the people while the cat pulled food off the table. Both shared the spoils. Pizza was their favorite. Pizza was never safe from the floofens.”

Tommy Said

Be open and self-aware, find your process, and persist. My writing process involves walking.

BTW, that’s not Tommy Orange running in the photograph.

Monday’s Theme Music

It’s strange of me to be streaming Paula Abdul. It’s not the musical style that I normally stream.

I enjoy the poppy and catchy song, “Straight Up”, but the song also inspires me. The way I remember hearing it — and this may have been from Casey Kasem on American Top Forty — Paula was working as a choreographer and trying to make it as a music star by recording at night, after work. She heard a demo of this song. While others didn’t think much of it, she heard something, liked it, and made it work. Others didn’t believe in her, but she believed in herself. It became her first hit.

That’s what all of us need: to believe in yourself.

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