Flooflebrity (floofinition) – a pet who is widely known and of great interest.

In use: “Although Kirk the border collie won the 2017 Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge, it was video of her watching and reacting to her performance that made her a flooflebrity.”




Sunday’s Theme Music

I heard this song on Sirius XM this morning. It didn’t suit my mood so I switched to FM. For a moment, I thought the radio wasn’t working because the same song was playing, in almost the same point of the song. I switched to another FM station.

Guess what song was playing?

I thought, that song must be destined to be today’s theme music. Not sure why. It’s all about relationships. Of course, it might be heard on three stations at the same time because it’s a popular song, and we end up being saturated with its playing.

Listen to some Post Malone and “Better Now” (2018).

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