Floofgic (floofinition) – 1) A pet’s power to apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

In use: “The cat knew when she had a migraine, and came to sit with her, using its floofgic to alleviate the migraine in minutes. She never told others this, but she knew from being away that the cat had floofgical powers that helped her heal.”

2) A pet’s reasoning according to their world view.

In use: “By their floofgic, whatever he was eating was meant for the cat and dog, too, just as their floofgic stated, if he was sitting, his lap was available for them to nap on.”


The State

He said, “I’m really optimistic. I think I have a chance here.” He frowned. “Or am I in denial?”

She continued to focus on her laptop. He said, “That’s your opening, sweetie.”

She said, “You’re not in denial. You’re in California.”

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