Tuesday’s Theme Music

The eighties had a lot of music going on. (I know, like, what decade in the last hundred  years hasn’t had a lot of music going on?) One song that popped up in my stream this week is “Your Love” by “The Outfield”.

The song came out in 1986, a few weeks after the Challenger disaster. For some reason, they’re linked in my mind, not in a cause and effect way, but as part of the montage of existence and life that was taking place when the Challenger exploded.

After hearing “Your Love” a few times, I bought their CD, Play Deep. It didn’t really take me anywhere, though, and was relegated to storage in the CD drawers.

I still like this song, though. The vocal style reminds me of the Australian rock band, Men At Work. “Your Love” is a decent song for streaming while walking along hot city streets.


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