420, Come & Gone

420 came and went. We had a lot of ads for marijuana conventions and sellers on the radio, but little else. Nobody had a parade around here. Hallmark didn’t put out any cards, and very few places had specials.

Which is really sad and short-sighted. Do restaurants not know that people smoking grass often want a munchie? They should have been all over that.

Don’t know where Hallmark Cards and the other card producers were for Weed Day, eituer. These companies have impressive holiday/recipient card matrixes. Need a card? What’s the occasion? How much do you want to spend? Do you want it to be funny or religious? Who is the recipient? Is it for you father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, or a step parent? Is it to a child? What age? The card is available!

But not for Weed Day. I couldn’t find a single card to send mom. As far as I know, only Denver really seemed to get behind it. Which is why I’m so ashamed of Ashland. You’d think this place, which celebrates beer, wine, and food, along with chocolate, movies, plays, and the outdoors, would have had some kind of celebratory marketing campaign.

Even as I write, though, I’m sure marketing mavericks across America are toking while thinking, “How did I miss that opportunity?” I’m sure they’ll fix it soon, I mean, look how quietly the SuperBowl started, and what it’s since become.

Oh, wow, now I see it: the Marijuana Bowl. The halftime show can be Jim Stafford singing “Wildwood Weed.”


3 thoughts on “420, Come & Gone

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  1. Right you are!

    It’s sadder still because 4/21 (national drug test day) is really picking up speed.
    Its like 4/20 is the taboo holiday almost no one talks about.
    ***hell, even boxing gets its card/day.

    For the record I have all kinds of days on my calendar… Pie-day (3.14) Mario-day (mar10) are two such days for me.

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