William Said



Floofsical (catfinition) – a musically inclined cat

In use: “Whenever Beverly started playing her guitar, her floofsical jumped on her shoulder, singing and trying to strum along with her human.”


You ever been in a public place, like a coffee shop (where you were writing), and a song comes on that you like, and you start singing it in your head, and then wonder, if you got up and started singing it aloud and dancing, would everyone else join in, like in a musical?

No, me neither.

Circle Dream

I was with my dad and lost in brown woods

and then we were on a boat and rowing


I kept asking him but he wouldn’t tell me

anything about where we were going


Feeling down

I was looking around

and wondering about the scene


didn’t know where I was

or where I’d been

or where I wanted to be


I thought I knew

and I thought I could

but nothing

was what it seemed


It was a circle of thought

and a circle of hope

a circle

going around a dream



Wonderfloof (catfintion) – a cat who is amazingly friendly and loving, and is willing to share their space and their food.

In use: “She was a wonderfloof, reacting to the wary newfloof in her house by walking over with her tail up and disarming him with a soft mew.”


The perfume of you and I

still intertwines

with the thoughts of what we doing

what we meant to say

before we went away

left me wondering who we think we’re fooling

we never talk

and stay distant in our walks

with a feeling that something’s brewing

it never boils and never perks

but it’s always there, it always lurks

I think our love is cooling



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