I thought about having a cup of virtual coffee today, but I wasn’t sure that the virtual caffeine would give me the virtual lift I needed. On the plus side, I could think of virtually no health risks to virtual coffee. It came out to be a virtual tie with drinking real coffee, until it came to the taste. Virtual coffee has virtually no flavor.


Saturday’s Theme Music

“Turn Up the Radio” by Autograph was a party mainstream when I was stationed in Germany in the late 1980s. Drinking guys were fond of gathering in a circle and belting the song out. (At least my circle of military buddies followed this practice, to the dismay of neighbors.)

“Turn Up the Radio” was made for that activity. The lyrics were simple, and the backing music and rhythms begged for a power sing-along. Other than that one song, learned off the radio and at parties, I knew and know nothing about Autograph.

“Turn it up. Yeah.”



Floof-flop (catfinition) – a cat who likes to flop down on a surface and presents its belly (which isn’t always an invitation to a belly rub); an acrobatic feline move involving dropping to a surface, flipping over, and sometimes stretching.

In use: “Quinn was a natural floof-flop, and did so whenever he had a chance to interact with people he trusted.”

The Window

“I’m not really a morning person,” the first said with an air of contrition.

The second said, “But you’re not really a night person, either.”

The third said, “It sounds like you’re a middle-of-the-day person.”

“Yes,” the first said with a smile, “but it’s a very small window.”

Nothing Spectacular

Aided by coffee, it was just one of those days.

I came in, drank coffee for about fifteen minutes, and then put my head down and typed. The scenes came without too much effort, along with the words to describe them. I wrote like crazy for about sixty minutes, finishing with over two thousand words. Another thirty minutes of editing what I’d written followed, and then hunger called time. Not much time spent on the actual mechanics of writing, but that’s typical for me.

Just one of those days, nothing spectacular, but progress was made. Time to go eat.

Floofster Sunday

Floofster Sunday (catfinition) – a holiday celebrating cats, normally observed on the first Sunday in April.

In use: “For Floofster Sunday, he filled small cloth mice and birds with catnip and treats, and then hid them around the house for the cats to find.”

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