You ever face a challenge to your desires, you know, like sitting down and privately writing (i.e., indulging in the fantasies and stories populating (or polluting) your mind) and face up to something that forces you to think, “Okay, I have to do the right thing and do this?”

Yes, it’s not really win-win. You’ve helped someone else, which is good, but you’re resentful of the encroachment on your priorities and plans. Then, you know, you go through that whole thinking process about what happened, what you did, and the interruption.

Well, maybe it’s just me. I frustrate myself with my choices. I guess it’s just a moral imperative that was planted too long ago to ignore.


Thursday’s Theme Music

I love the association of things. Smells and good times, music and friends, books and places. This song came to me last night as I recalled a friend. I worked with him in 1977 in the Philippines. I’d always wondered what happened to him, and have used the Internet to look for him, but have never had success.

He had a girlfriend for a short time, about a month, that I recall, and she played this album by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Bill would say, “Can we listen to something else?” I liked the album. It was a different sound, and interesting.

The album was Exodus. It had a number of wonderful songs. Side two – yes, we listened on vinyl, and there was a side two – had songs that turned out to be memorable hits. I always wondered what happened to, the girl, Melissa, too. That’s the way it was in the military back then. You’d meet someone, and then probably never see them again.

Here’s “Jamming.” Once, when we lost power during a typhoon, a group of us sat in a room drinking strawberry wine, and sang this song to pass the time in the dark. I hope you like “Jamming”, too.

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