Alice Said


The Dance

Shuffle, shuffle, step, slide

Pivot, pivot, step, slide

They — the characters – know the dance steps and move smoothly around me on this dark floor. I’m a stranger, striving to follow their movements. Sometimes they slide in quickly, and step back out — one, two, gone — while I’m still trying to engage them. They dance in, say their pieces, and dance away again. Just when I think I’m discerning the rhythm the movements –

Pivot, pivot, step, slide

Another group of dancers have taken the floor, and the music has changed.

Time to dance — sorry, write — like crazy, at least one more time.



Poofloof (catfinition) – (slang) a feline with feces on them (due to multiple reasons, from poor hygiene and long fur to illness). Synonyms: pootail, stinkytail, stinkyfloof, smelly cat

In use: “The smell struck before she saw Sylvester. Rising, she said, “Where are you, you little poofloof?” Being a small cat, with long, silky fur, he frequently had this issue. Seeing him, she picked him up and headed for the bathroom to wash him off.”

Sunday’s Theme Song

I heard “I’m A Man” by the Spencer Davis Group, but the Chicago cover (when the band’s name was still Chicago Transit Authority) is my preferred version. I have a fond memory of being sixteen. I was at a friend’s place with several others. We had the lights low, and were smoking some grass, drinking beer, and listening to “I’m A Man” cranked up. That opening bass begins, and then drums rise and other instruments join and build tension.

Ah, fond memory.

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