As the Cats Watched

Was it a worm, a thread, a nibble, a spark? I can’t codify what it was that happened as I rushed through a few quick chores (with three cats eyeing me from comfortable curls to ensure no noisy machines were engaged). The brain was freed from thinking, and the muses thundered in with one of those OMG shots that started me laughing and saying, “Yes,” (which caused the cats to raise their heads in questioning unison).

As Thomas Weaver reminds me once in a while, many writers begin in the middle, without full awareness of what’s happening. Following the spark of a concept that flames into a story, we let the characters arrive to illuminate events and motives. As I’ve gone through those steps to create a massive arc that covers four novels (each with their own arc of discovery and story-telling) and contemplate the end (which was already written), ideas sparked (or were there loose threads that I pulled, or a worm wiggling into my imagination), showing me that I’d not completely thought out and understood the concept. Even though I’ve been writing about it since July of 2016 and there are over a million words, there was more to know and write about.

This newest addition tickles me, and I think about it with amused excitement. It has a “holy cow” aura. Such fun. And in a few minutes this morning, as the cats watched, I was reminded again how much I enjoy fiction writing, and why.

Time to write like crazy, at least one more time.


Day #101

I like the sun

I like the rain

I like how the day

smells this way

I like the breeze

that’s sometimes a wind

I like the scents

that tease and spin

I like the hours passing me by

and the time spent

with no one asking me why



Distance Calling

The distance calls me

I try to see

who it is and what they want from me

the distance calls me

from outside

full of hate and telling me lies

the distance calls me

the people I know

urging me to love and telling me to grow

the distance calls me

without knowing why

I hide away and slip inside

Wednesday’s Theme Music

This song has been creeping in on my consciousness like volunteer weeds taking root. Then my wife started singing parts of it and playing it.

I had a problem, though. I thought they were singing, “Ooh ooh, I’m a rebel with a kick stand.” My musical instincts told me that probably wasn’t what was being sung.

I asked my wife, and she provided the right words: “I’m a rebel just for kicks, now.”

Ah, kicks now. That makes more sense than kick stand.

I enjoy this song, with its cool rhythm, back beat, and muted brass inflections. The lyrics are awesome, too:

I been feeling it since 1966, now
Might be over now, but I feel it still
Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for kicks, now
Let me kick it like it’s 1986, now
Might be over now, but I feel it still

Here’s Portugal. The Man, and “Feel It Still” from 2017.



Napdar (catfinition) – the extrasensory ability to immediately detect when someone is going to take a nap, a sense that’s extremely refined among house cats.

In use: “His napdar awakening him from his slumber in the guest room, Tucker rose and padded into the living room where Michael was just settling down to take an afternoon nap, and settled his massive feline body on the human’s inviting belly.”

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