Mihaly Wrote

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, “The Creative Personality”, Psychology Today, July, 1996



Infloofential (catfinition) – a feline exerting or possessing influence

In use: “He was in a hurry – as usual, believing in a wait and then hurry-up approach to getting things done – when the infloofential Quinn called a meow and floof-flopped at his feet, diverting his stream of activity into other things, like petting and talking to the cat.”

Walking Stream



than yesterday

what was said who said it

the laughs the looks surprise

at the party

good pizza

okay cake

email Zee ’bout Mowgli

and Jeff?

good conversation

Goodwill the shoes clothing


they work

don’t know if they’ll take them, need to check

old modems, other junk, have to check

Goo-goo Dolls


first heard in New Hampshire ninety-five

turn your mind

writing time

Pram with Kything – done

conversation on Wrinkle, unknown

Pram with red-beard, about to begin

how much more until this thing ends?

The rest is waiting to be written.


He’s wearing running shoes – with dress socks *gasp* – and an active-wear shirt when all he’s doing are the two double-yous – walking and writing. That’s not what a active-wear attire is for. What’s next, white shoes before Memorial Day and cake for breakfast?

The world is in a shocking state of decay.

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