Wednesday’s Theme Music

Long hair and suits. That seemed to be part of the transition from blues to rock & pop.

“For Your Love” by the Yardbirds was part of that transition. I like watching this video for these pieces – the suits and hair, the somewhat bored or impassive expressions of the band members, the band’s setup, and what seems like a tiny, tiny drum set. Everything was simpler. This video was from 1965, and within a few years, changes would be visible in how pop/rock stars should dress and act. Fun to have YouTube and the associated technology to look back into the early years of the rock era.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Theme Music

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    1. Oh, yes. I saw a photo of the group with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page listed as the guitarists in the post Clapton era. Read, too, of Page meeting with Moon and Entwhistle with the idea of forming a supergroup. Fascinating folks, era, and tales.


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