You ever been in a public place, like a coffee shop (where you were writing), and a song comes on that you like, and you start singing it in your head, and then wonder, if you got up and started singing it aloud and dancing, would everyone else join in, like in a musical?

No, me neither.


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  1. Thank goodness you didn’t hum it over here–I’m very susceptible to musical brain-worms. I’m told you have to stand on a table-top and belt it out at the top of your lungs to get rid of it. A few dipsy-doodle dance steps helps remove it faster. . . Are you still humming the tune inside your own head, Michael?

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    1. No, “Flag Pole Sitta” whomped it aside after a few minutes. By the time I had the urge to do a musical with it, I was walking outside. It was raining, and I thought, I wonder if I started dancing and singing in the rain if others might join in….


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