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1976 was an enjoyable year for the most part. Twenty years old, I celebrated my first year of marriage, and my second year in the U.S. Air Force, and then was sent to Clark Air Base and the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing in the Philippines on unaccompanied assignment. I ended up listening to a lot of music while reading in my room when I was studying for my promotion, walking around the base, exploring Angelis City, or working. I didn’t have a television, and besides, AFRTS’ offerings were well-meaning but not to my taste.

A friend introduced me to an Irish rock band name Thin Lizzy. She was a big fan of this group that I’d never heard before. One of the songs was “The Boys Are Back in Town,” partly because she incessantly played it, enthusing about the singer’s style. I just liked it because I thought it was a rocking tune.



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  1. Nice memories and I think that sometimes nowadays we almost have too much technology. Sometimes I just like to study/read while only listening to music. I think that this distracts less and allow me to actually gain focus.

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    1. I’m the same. It’s the basis of my writing in the coffee shop, which is noisy with customers, brewing coffee, and background music. I can ignore most of it while writing (people singing off key disturbs me). But these things at home are distractions. I think it’s a matter of zones. The coffee shop is my writing zone. Home is my home zone.

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