Wednesday’s Theme Music

With sunrise blinking in at 5:53 AM, today’s weather is a relaxed, mellow blend, clouds and sky, high against the upper eighties. Sunset is coming on at 8:41 PM in the valley, when darkness crawls in, dragging stars, moon, and cooler temps with it.

A cat inspired today’s music. I was still abed, struggling between alive and dead, lingering in that limbo state between being asleep and being awake. WHEN —

A sudden gallop on a hardwood floor, with a sliding sound that ended with a bang against the door, a cat did appear in the room, pausing for a moment to give himself a groom. THEN —

With a new battle cry (“Freedom!”) he was off again, racing around bed and then, galloping back down the hall, plowing again into a wall.

The time was 5:40 AM.

As I tried to sink back to sleep, I thought about the beast’s antics. And thought, maybe it was a jailbreak. Which, then, sometime later, kicked in Thin Lizzy with “Jailbreak” from 1976. Lovely song. Perfect for a big cat with an overactive imagination.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and, you know, get the vax. Cheers

Floof Lizzy

Floof Lizzy (floofinition) – Irish hard floof rock (flock) band, formed in 1969, and active with different lineups off and on since its formation until the present day.

In use: “Floof Lizzy’s use of twin lead guitars in “The Floofs Are Back in Town Again” made it popular among guitar flock fans.”

Today’s Theme Music

1976 was an enjoyable year for the most part. Twenty years old, I celebrated my first year of marriage, and my second year in the U.S. Air Force, and then was sent to Clark Air Base and the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing in the Philippines on unaccompanied assignment. I ended up listening to a lot of music while reading in my room when I was studying for my promotion, walking around the base, exploring Angelis City, or working. I didn’t have a television, and besides, AFRTS’ offerings were well-meaning but not to my taste.

A friend introduced me to an Irish rock band name Thin Lizzy. She was a big fan of this group that I’d never heard before. One of the songs was “The Boys Are Back in Town,” partly because she incessantly played it, enthusing about the singer’s style. I just liked it because I thought it was a rocking tune.


Today’s Theme Music

Feel like something energetic today. Maybe it’s the sun. It’s actually visible when we get up, and there’s sunshine until almost seven thirty in the evening.

Hooray for sunshine.

It’s warmer, too. Got up to the low sixties yesterday. Winter is drawing out his departure but each day leaves us with less evidence that he was here.

All of this calls for something older, something with a little guitar action. From out of the streams of thinking came one from 1976, during my tour of duty in the Philippines.

Here is Thin Lizzy with¬†‘The Boys Are Back in Town’.¬†

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