Floofster Sunday

Floofster Sunday (catfinition) – a holiday celebrating cats, normally observed on the first Sunday in April.

In use: “For Floofster Sunday, he filled small cloth mice and birds with catnip and treats, and then hid them around the house for the cats to find.”


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    1. It depends on intentions. She cold be a catster – a feline prankster who thinks it’s humorous to settle someone, get them to be trusting and lower their guard, and then pull a silly prank that also may be mean-spirited. You’re fortunate she’s just sneezing on you. I’ve found that many catsters like to leave a little present, say a dead mouse or a hairball, ‘accidentally’ in your path, and then let out a nocturnal meow that causes you to stagger out of bed, fumble through the dark to see what’s wrong with your precious floof, and ‘accidentally’ step on their little ‘gift’. You gotta love a cat with such personality, though.

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