Catlude (catfinition) – secret agreement or cooperation between cats to deceive others.

In use: “The household felines catluded to have one of them awaken the sleeping humans, and then the others would clowder-rush the people and demand to be fed.”


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  1. Sometimes it SEEMS like they’re catluding, but it’s actually a minor cattish conflict instead.

    What it seems like: Greybaby meows loudly, and then Doodle joins in to make sure it’s really, really loud and guaranteed to wake the sleeping humans. Then IttyBitty starts meowing, too.

    What it IS: Greybaby meows loudly, and Doodle, annoyed, yells back, “Why are you yelling? Stop yelling! STOP YELLING!” IttyBitty goes and complains — emphatically and at great length — to her human that the other cats are yelling.

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