Humor Breaks

I confess: I like goofy humor. I’m a Benny Hill fan. Parody, slapstick, and innuendo makes me laugh. Monty Python’s “Argument Room” remains one of my favorite skits. The silliness on “Red Dwarf” cracks me up.

You’ve been warned.

My wife and I have been enjoying this short video, “I’m About to Whip Somebody’s Ass.”


It’s been around for a while. Its rise to my attention prompted me to remember the ones I’ve seen over the years that I’ve most enjoyed. (Well, to my recollection. I probably forgot a few.)

One of the first from long ago was this parody of James Blunt’s song, “You’re Beautiful.” I found the parody inspirational, and tempting. Yes, I was always tempted to sit in my cubicle nude after hearing this.



Then there was “Alan! Alan!”

All of these were passed on or shared with me, and I’ve passed these on and shared them before. Are there any that you particularly enjoy sharing or passing on?


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