The Beer Warning

Beer and I get along well. We go together like pizza and beer, ice cream and pie, or coffee and pastries.

The other day, we had a warning about climate change and chocolate. Each week brings another story about global warming and the increasing seriousness.

Earlier this year – 2018 – came a story about rare poisonous sea snakes being discovered in California, coming north with warming waters.

Before that, of course, were stories and warnings of wild weather swings with rapid temperature extremes, blizzard hurricanes and increasing wildfires. Before then, climate change warnings were about melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and coastal flooding that threaten cities like New York and Miami.

But a segment of population says, “Nope, climate change, and all that’s attributed to it is fake science, or a hoax, or a conspiracy, or blah, blah, blah.”

Today, a warning from Montana, where malt hops are grown. They’re not faring well there, and climate change is blamed.

Without malt hops, we’re going to have some problems with beer production. Hopefully, more will now start paying attention. The Guardian puts it in perspective in this article, from 2015.


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  1. It is interesting how we conflate ‘civilization’ with ‘human beings’, as if they are the same thing; like civilization dying is the same as humanity dying.

    I like the idea of an evolutionary human bottle neck. I think the idea that we are ‘causing’ climate change is a little misplaced, even as I see that we are intimately involved with the climate.

    I ponder why faster computers are ‘better’. Why ‘good beer’ is “good”. Why gourmet and Top Chef burgers are better than In and Out Burgers.

    I think it is only natural to trim Little population. Or a lot. It’s only bad for those who want retirement. Lol. 30 years of golf and jet skiing at the end part of life.

    I don’t think the end of civilization will be the end of humanity, or science, or technology. Or the good things. We will just have different Good things.

    But of course, I say this from a position of luxury that will not be affected until after I’m dead. Lol. Even while I lament the melting of the ice caps and human inability to enact any real change to prevent it.

    No. Humanity will still be humanity even after this planet is a storm drenched desert left behind by martiN colonists.

    And Budweiser and Coors will taste just as good as the Walrus micro brews. (And I hate Bud and Coors!)

    And the Ses weed will still get people high even though it isn’t the kind kind 90%.

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    1. You raised many good questions and points, and I agree with the essence, that we tend to narrowly focus definitions. One fascinating aspect of this is, as global warming and climate changes take place, is how some companies take it very seriously, and work to create future conditions so they can develop and test new crops under future conditions, so that they’re ahead of the curve.

      I remain torn. Climate change exists; human activities contribute. My concern goes mostly to those who end up victimized by others’ coarse views and activities.

      Of course, it’s always been like this to one degree or another. It’s difficult to walk the line between idealism, pragmatism, and acceptance.

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