Wednesday’s Wandering Thought

The little cat, who isn’t little any longer, but is younger than the household’s alpha floof, is called Papi. He’s a ginger character, sweet but quick to put up his claws. He enjoys spiriting out to guard the yard every night. I say night, but he likes going out about 3 AM. Technically it’s still dark morning in my realm. The thing is, he returns every morning at exactly 6:37 AM, rapping on the door to get back in. His punctuality is admirable, but it makes me wonder, is the cat going off to a duty or paid position somewhere, finishing his shift at 6:30 and then returning home?

It seems reasonable…doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wandering Thought

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  1. Sounds to me like he has a romantic tryst every night, and that he has made off with one of your watches with the alarm set for 6:37 to remind him when to give her that final romantic lick and head home for some rest!

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