The Update

I live in Ashland, in southern Oregon. Events drove me east, to where Mom and several sisters reside in the Pittsburgh, PA area. On Friday, September 10, I took the redeye to Pittsburgh. Already down with COVID, Mom suffered a perforated appendix and also had COVID pneumonia, and was in Forbes Hospital, demanding morphine and fighting against being intubated. They moved her to a step down unit for more intensive monitoring and care, and was in isolation. Masks, gloves, and gowns were required to visit her, only two visitors at a time.

She’s recovered a lot since then. With antibiotics and treatment, her COVID subsided. The appendix perforation closed. Her pacemaker had only been working at less than 20%, so that was also a problem, as was a blood clot. The blood clot ended up in her spleen, which they said was okay, and her heart and pacemaker both increased to 50 % function. Pleased with her progress, she was discharged from the hospital last Monday and moved to a nursing home.

She liked the nursing home, Concordia. Physical therapy began. They told her she’d probably be there two to six weeks. That was pared down to two yesterday.

They released her today.

That surprised me. Apparently what precipitated it was a night of hell for her. Hearing about it, my sisters grew angry and charged down there.

You do not want to be in their way when my sisters are angry, especially if their family is involved. Move out of their way and in front of an oncoming bullet train. You’ll be safer.

Mom’s NoH included being abruptly taken off oxygen at midnight and not monitored. The night nurse had an attitude for whatever reason. She didn’t want to help Mom with her CPAC for sleeping and threw Mom’s phone on the floor. Mom’s door was open all night as another patient roamed the halls shouting, “I have a gun. I’m going to come in there and kill you.”

I’ve been staying at Mom’s house with her 92-year-old boyfriend, Frank, a great guy, but very passive, and under Mom’s control. Mom is 85. Her house was built eighty years ago. The steps are narrow and steep. It’s not built for a frail woman to get around and recover.

But this is why I’m here. I came here because it might’ve been time to say good-bye to Mom. I came here to give my sisters and Frank relief and support. Now I’ll be here to help give Mom care in her home. I don’t know what train of circumstances and logic led to the surprising decision that she’s being released today. It sounds like a crazy train, in my uninformed thinking. It’s a fluid situation. The sisters are racing back to the nursery home to learn more and, as necessary, help Mom get home. Per their thinking, I’m here, waiting for Mom to arrive in case my sisters don’t arrive in time.

Coffee is on. I think we’ll need a few cups. Here we go.

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  1. Oh gosh what a circumstance! I can only imagine how you must feel. Of course I would be one of those sisters running down there irate😀. I know it’s not funny but it sounds like a hell in that nursing home. I was lucky in a long 2015 when I had to go to a rehab after the hospital and everyone was really nice. My daughter said last week I should drive you by that place it’s a dump. I had to laugh because of course I never saw the outside of it I only saw the inside and liked it. I spent a lot of time in the hospital in 2015 with a second bout of cancer and then fell off the scooter and broke a bone in my hip so I had to go to the hospital again and then rehab. They were going to send me to a nursing home but I said absolutely not. Never seen or been in one that I thought any human being should be in. So I sympathize with your mom and all of you who are trying to do the best for her. So good luck Michael you are a good son.👍🏻☺️🥰

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    1. Thanks, my friend. Sorry to hear of your exploits, but most of us endure that stuff in one manner or another, don’t we? Glad you’re a survivor. Mom liked her nursing home and was happy, or so she told me during my visit yesterday. She seemed very happy during my visit. Anyway, trying to be a good son, thanks. My sisters are the ones who are the real heroes in this. Glad I have them.

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  2. Oh what a nightmare … for both you and your mom!!! I’m glad she is recovering from Covid, suspicious about the perforated appendix healing itself, and furious about the night she had in the nursing home! She must report that nurse who threw her phone onto the floor. And why the Sam Hell didn’t somebody stop that man who was wandering the halls threatening to kill people? Couldn’t they have strapped him to his bed or something? Sheesh … remind me NEVER to go to one of those places. Your mom is a very lucky woman to have you for a song, Michael! Wishing her and you the best over the coming days! Cheers and hugs

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