Thursday’s Theme Music

Gods opened the spigots on the area last night. Not unexpected, with the humidity soaking us yesterday. Feeling that air brought the prayer thought, let it rain. So it did, with a little thunder, in the night’s apex. Listening, I thought of how we could use this rain out west.

We’ve hooked up with Thursday, September 22, 2022. Gonna be twenty degrees cooler as a high today, 64 degrees F. It’s just three degrees short of that now. It has me pondering, should I put on long pants?

Full cloud coverage denied us sunrise’s splendor. Sunrise took place at 0707 and sunset will be at 1918.

The Neurons sensed my optimism about things today and kicked “Gonna Be A Good Day” by Rayelle into the morning mental music stream. You know, “I got no reasons to complain. Washed all my troubles down the drain. Today’s gonna be great, gonna be a good day.” I think I heard this song on a television show or movie and then looked it up. It’s a mover. Hard, fast pulse.

Stay positive and test negative. Hope you have a great day. Hark! I hear coffee whispering sweet promises to my ears. Here’s the music. Cheers

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