Friday’s Theme Music

The train pulled into Friday but did not stop, forcing us to jump on and off. Each day we think it’s a new beginning but we also think that it’s a continuation of what’s been going on, and Fridays in particular are a start and a finish. Meanwhile, we’re edging towards September’s final minutes, as this is the last day, the 30th. Tomorrow will be October 1, 2022. And we will start and end, begin and continue.

Sunrise whispered past some gray clouds hugging the green trees surmounting the hill line at 7:15 AM. I’d been up awhile before that. My lodgings are below the kitchen in Mom’s old house. I’d awakened a little before six. Listening, I heard water running and then the fast thumping of someone rushing. Springing up to go help, I continued listening and came to understand the flow of things. The heat was being turned on, and man’s partner was getting Mom her daily breakfast of half a bagel and a cup of decaf coffee with almond milk and hazelnut creamer. I usually do that and it was over an hour early. Not surprised because Mom, worn out by physical therapy, her nurse visit, and other visitors had passed on proper dinner, so she was hungry.

I went up at 7:30 and confirmed my conclusion. Mom was up and bright-eyed, sitting on her bed, busy with her phone and iPad. She continues improving. I do have a disagreement going on with her over meds. She’s convinced herself that a pill which the label describes as a white oblong has morphed into a pink pill. We looked the pink pill up the other day and identified it. Today, Mom says, no, that’s not what it is. Did I mention that she’s intelligent but as obstinate as a rock? She exasperates me.

8:45 now, it’s warmed up to 44 degrees F. The anticipated high is 18 degrees C. We will be rain-free but clouds and sunshine will skirmish for dominance. The 7:04 PM sunset will deliver night, and September will shift into October.

I have Gorillaz with “Feel Good Inc” in the morning mental music stream. This came up from watching Youtube videos from Cartier Family. The title, “First Time Hearing “Van Halen” Eruption Guitar Solo”, pulled me, so I watched it. After enjoying it, watched several more, including the Gorillaz webisode. The Neurons liked “Feel Good Inc” so here we are.

Stay positive, test negative. Keep good thoughts in mind for Florida, just as we have for every place being struck with disasters. Tiring of the parade of disasters, myself. Don’t mean to be callous but there it is.

Okay, here’s music. I got coffee, thanks. Hope your Friday goes well. Cheers

The Lost Shoes Dream

I dreamed I was with a bunch of people. All were nice, and seemed like friends, although nobody was recognized from real life. Some kind of outdoor function, we were socializing after eating when a man arrived. He was identified as Colonel Campbell, stealth-aircraft fighter pilot.

All of us were impressed. Pilots are one category, fighters are another, and stealth is the bleeding edge techno. He sat at a table and we gathered around to eye him. Evening was on us so I decided it was time to leave.

A dream shift found me in a Starbucks coffee shop. Busy, the place was a labyrinth of rooms, all with white walls or stone walls. Some rooms were large, where dream catchers, turquoise and silver jewelry, and black feathers were on sale. Others were rooms with tables where people could sit, drink coffee, and chat. A few halls and bathrooms finished the setup.

I got a coffee and went through the rooms until I found a table. Dissatisfied with it because I thought it too noisy and busy, I moved to another table. I eyed people as I sipped coffee. The employees interested me the most. They were familiars in the dream although again no one known in RL.

Finishing my coffee, I decided to leave, but struggled to find the exit. Each room seemed to take me into another one. In one room, I found the Starbucks employees preparing to start a celebration. They fell silent and waited for me to leave before resuming their festivities. I heard several of them say something about me but I wasn’t sure what they said. It sounded like they liked me and wished more customers were like me.

But I’d gone on. Just as I thought I’d found the exit, I realized that I’d lost my shoes. I’d been wearing sandals, I remembered, and thought that I must have kicked them off to be more comfortable. Rushing about, I tried retracing my steps to find the table where I’d been. Dodging people was required, and I almost stepped in someone’s chocolate cake, jumping over it just in time. I also had to swivel to avoid knocking over children.

Eventually I came into a room where a man was sitting at a booth. People were whispering, he’s a pilot. I approached him and asked, what does he fly? What’s his name? I wasn’t certain it was Colonel Campbell.

He wouldn’t really answer me or look at me. Announcing, “I have to go,” he leaped out of the booth and then crouched down and duckwalked out, stopping to look at toys on the floor. Catching up with him, I asked if he was okay, as another man approached to check on him. I told the other man that who I though the man was. This explanation put a silly grin on Campbell’s face (I was pretty sure it was him by then). His eyes were glassy and he started acting flighty (sorry for the pun).

Still trying to find my shoes, I went into a bathroom. Seeing my reflection, I was stopped short by how my face had changed. I knew it was me but I didn’t recognize myself. My face was large and squared off, with a towering forehead. I speculated that the mirror was distorted but saw that everything else was properly reflected.

My final thought was that I’d done something to myself.

Dream end.

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