Monday’s Theme Music

Welcome to Monday, July 18, 2022. Current temp is 16 C. Projected high temp is 92 F. Sunshine cracked the vault above at 5:50 AM, with the sun projected to remain in this vicinity until 8:43 PM. The daylight hours are winding down toward the shortest day of the year for the valley in December.

Being home means the vacation has ended. That means we return to healthy eating. Not that we abandoned it during the vacation. But now we must make our meals. Well, not must. It’s how we’re conditioned as responsible adults. Suggesting doing otherwise is irresponsible. So says my wife. It’s also expensive. And boring; we’re not thrilled by our local eatery options of late. Listen to me whine. Talk about being entitled and privileged, yeah?

Billy Idol’s 1984 song, “Eyes Without A Face”, occupies the morning mental music stream. That came from The Neurons, who jumped all over the phrase, it’s hard to get relief. They converted that into Idol’s lyric, “But hard to get release.” Stupid neurons. Of course, I have strong memories of this song coming out when I was stationed on Okinawa in the USAF.

Stay chill, hope for the best, do your thing but take the tests. The tests are limited help with the current COVID variants circulating. Friend after friend mentions being negative, isolating, and testing again, and coming up positive. Fingers crossed for you all, yeah?

Okay, getting coffee. Also, need to have a garage door repaired. A panel has bowed. I want to reinforce it with a strut, but my vehicle isn’t large enough for the strut length required. So I’m going to a pro for this repair.

Have a better one. Cheers

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