The New Old Car Dream

I acquired a ‘new’ old vintage car.

My wife was with me. The car was a Porsche 911, a very clean silver Carrera variant. People came by to admire it and ask questions. I explained that it was over forty years old but that I’d rebuilt it from the ground up. Several men came past and offered me large quantities of money for it. Although I was delighted, I replied, “This is for me.”

My wife and I entered the car and took several drives. I was always careful to keep the car clean and to polish it. Wherever I parked, people came by to ask about the car.

The dream ended as I realized that there were more ways to improve it, and I began pursuing those ideas.

End dream.

Some notes. One, the dream seemed longer but much of it addressed answering the same questions from people we met and taking long drives. The roads were always well paved, and the weather remained clear and friendly. Two, my wife saw a Porsche like this about three days ago as we left our car and crossed a shopping center parking lot. Three, Porsches fit prominently in my dreams. In one memorable dream from several years ago, I was driving a 911 through a snowstorm. Overall, it was a very uplifting and personal dream for me. In a way, I felt like it was my subconscious mind reassuring me about my life.

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