Monday’s Theme Music

Monday has pulled itself up for another go-around. It’s March 7, 2022. Sunrise kicked in at 6:38 AM and sunset is expected at 6:04 PM. We’re less than a week away from starting Daylight Savings Time in the U.S. again. The debate about whether we should be doing this has already begun locally. We’ll see a ramp-up this week. With COVID-19 on the decline, mask restrictions being lifted, and the Russian-Ukraine war, DST debate will be more muted.

It’s 35 degrees F. No clouds outside of the office window hampering the sunlit azure sky. We’ll see a high of 59 F. today.

Several hours later that same day…

I started this post around eightish. Concurrently, I was calling vets, looking for appointments. None available. All had the same recommendation: your cat needs to go to emergency. Hot, black coffee was downed. Calls were made to prepare the emergency vet service and pre-register. Then off we went.

So, for music, I have The Eagles with “Already Gone” from 1974 because we went out that door and down the road. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vaccines and boosters as and when needed. Cheers

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