The Positive Energy Dream

Many vivid dreams were experienced and recorded last night, enough that I decided to take them in groups.

Most memorable was the positive energy dream, which is the second-shortest dream remembered from the night. It featured three young naked women of color and me. We were always in bed, not doing anything but touching and talking. The third segment was sharpest in recall.

The twenty-year-old woman, with caramel skin like those little wrapped, square chews, was softly rounded and sweet. She’d been telling me about her life and hopes. Telling her to turn over so I could do something, she presented her naked back to me. I ran my thumbnail along her spine from the top. When I reached her small, I stopped and pressed my index finger lightly against her while saying, “I just opened you up so positive energy can flow into you. It’s going to keep flowing into you, helping you in your life.”

That’s where the dream ended. Every time I recalled that sequence, I feel a new surge of energy and feel refreshed. It’s a wild sensation.

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