A Building Dream

I was in a busy, busy place. The people there were all familiar in the dream and yet nobody from this life. Most of us, including me, were working on computers, engaged in some mutual project. For my role, I realized that we were trying to establish a structure. Some other element was attempting to steal our work to undermine our goals. Realizing that, I had an epiphany. Working faster, I established a domain, “In my city”, set up protections and rights, and established myself as administrator. I attempted to communicate what I was doing to everyone else, but it was so noisy and busy that my information was lost in the wash. Feeling that I was right but ahead of the rest, I kept at it.

Then, someone else suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, no, the opposition has already taken that domain. They already have it.” As moans and groans blew across the room, I said, “No. That’s not them. I have it. I created the domain. Don’t worry.”

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