Saturday’s Theme Music

A friend mentioned to my spouse that he’d just cleaned his dishwasher filter, and it was disgusting. As we’ve had our dishwasher for twelve years and had never cleaned the filter, we decided it might be prudent to do the same. How hard could it be, I thought with my usual cockiness.

I first consulted the dishwasher’s manual.

There was nothing in it about cleaning the filter. There wasn’t any mention of the filter at all.

Mystified, I went to Maytag’s website. The instructions for cleaning the filter didn’t make sense.

Turning to Youtube, I found an excellent instruction video by Tomahawk, and removed and cleaned our filter. It had some grunge but it was nothing like the one in the video. It took some time to remove some things to get to the filter to remove and clean it, which allowed my mind to stream music. One song streamed was “My Sacrifice” by Creed (2001). While laughing at that choice — look at how I’m sacrificing, cleaning the dishwasher filter — I enjoyed my memory of the song, so I present the song to you.


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  1. I love how you can find anything on Youtube now. I recently saw a video of a guy changing a faucet. The best part was that he forgot to turn off the water supply first, so he had to cut while the water was spraying everywhere!

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    1. Yes, videos on Youtube have taken over in providing support that companies no longer provide. I dislike it when they make a big production of it. This one was very straightforward.

      Some of those fails, though, as you saw, can be cringe-worthy but hilarious.

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