Infloofnia (catfinition) – inability to sleep because of the activity of one or more cats.

In use: “Although he was tired, infloofnia struck as the cats took turns scratching at the door to get in and out, a desire on their part that infuriated him because he knew they wouldn’t want to stay out in that bad weather. Yet, they needed to go out repeatedly, like the weather may have changed in the five minutes since they’d last come in.”


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  1. My infloofnia is most often caused by IttyBitty, or one (or more!) of the other cats, singing/yodeling loudly. (To the best of my knowledge, IttyBitty hasn’t even considered starting a band, but we have talked about using one of her songs as a ringtone on my twin’s phone.) Sometimes, in the early morning, a cat decides that I don’t need any more sleep, and then there’s what German-speaking housecats call kittenstompen: the forceful application of paws to a human’s kidneys or other vulnerable anatomy. And lately, Doodle has taken to waking me as soon as the sun comes up “(Yowwww! Meeeeeee!”) to tell me the birdfeeder needs refilling, because without birdseed to lure them, there are no finches for him to “hunt.”

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      1. Sure.

        My cats were born near Cincinnati, which has a sizable German-American population, so they learned several words in KittenGerman. True Cat Fact: the term mittengrabben (as in the famous “Das machine is nicht fur gefingerpoken und mittengrabben…”) originated as a KittenGerman word but later was adopted by a human writing about not messing with machinery.

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