Charles Said

I wonder if Charles Dickens was ever called Charlie or Chuck?

Anyway, I’ve done these things that he referenced, prowling to find ideas and words, beginning and stopping, beginning again…

Friday’s Theme Music

I don’t know where I first heard this hit. It came out in ’63. I was seven. It’s not Mom and Dad’s style of music, and my older sister was only nine, so I discount all those sources. Later, of course, it was played on AM pop and FM rock stations, and wormed its way into movies like¬†Animal House.¬†I dig (catch that lingo) that the hit was performed by a band from Portland in my adopted state of Oregon.

Here is “Louie Louie” performed by The Kingsmen.


Your silence tells me

something must be wrong

I can’t tell by your face

It’s blank as stone

It bothers me to hear you

staying so still

No matter what I say

Emptiness is all I feel


My words run dry

trying to dig something out

I don’t know where to turn

so I just walk out

there’s a distance in the feet between us

that can’t be measured or crossed

I feel my efforts are wasted

and our time has been a loss


Floof Talk

Floof Talk (catfinition) – an intense, usually brief speech a person gives their cat (and sometimes, dog) to modify or change behavior.

In use: “We’re going to have a little floof talk today,” she said to the watching cat as did every morning. “What are we not going to do today? We are not going to steal mommy’s breakfast. We are not going to throw up on mommy’s clothes, and we’re not going to destroy mommy’s mail and papers, right? Right. What are we going to do? We’re going to be a good little kitty, aren’t we? Yeah, right.”

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