Moo-floof (catfinition) – cat whose meow sounds like a cow bellowing, “Moo”; cat whose markings bring a cow to mind.

In use: “”Moo,” he heard, and looking back, saw a small white-chested tabby energetically pursuing him. “Moo,” the cat repeated, its mouth opened wide. “Moo.””


Connectcat (catfinition) – comprehensive map of a cat’s location in an area via the traces and objects left behind.

In use: “Fur on a chair, a toy mouse under the table, and bags of treats began creating the foundation of the connectcat, which developed a story about where the housecats liked to go and do.”


Kittenstompen (catfinition) (German) – the forceful application of paws to a human’s kidneys or other vulnerable anatomy.

In use: “He said, “Sometimes, in the early morning, a cat decides that I don’t need any more sleep, and then there’s what German-speaking housecats call kittenstompen, which is the forceful application of paws to a human’s kidneys or other vulnerable anatomy.””

h/t to Thomas Weaver, North of Andover

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Notorious RBG is playing locally. My thoughts go to Notorious B.I.G. when I hear or read comments about the Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie. That’s how my mind and its connectome plays. Likewise, I connect specific groups or performers with certain genres and categories of music. Right or wrong, Biggie Smalls was a handful of performers who I link to classic rap.

Here’s to the music and the art, and the past and the future. Notorious B.I.G. with “One More Chance” from 1995. It’s a mellow sound.


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