Novel Day

Ever think about how novel this day is? Similar to other days, it’s influenced by where you’re at on the planet.

The planet is stable but dynamic. Its core is changing, and cooling, affecting the mantle, crust and atmosphere.

The Earth is spinning, and the spin slows every day. Days are longer by 1.7 millisecond over last century. Innit that somethin’?

North of the Equator, the length of our daylight is increasing for the middle latitudes, like these “temperate” areas of Europe and North America where people are freezing their asses off. Sunrise is earlier, and sunset comes later.

While I know that we’re continuing a revolution around the sun, and the change in light is affected by the revolution, rotation, and earth’s axis, I think of the planet as being attached to a rubber band. The planet reached winter solstice. That’s as far as the rubber band stretches, with the rubber band’s stored energy. Then, snap, we head back the other way.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that our planet’s orbit is decaying, and we’re a little closer to the sun, and the sun is cooling, and will eventually do us in?

Put all these things together, and you see how unique this day is. That’s why you should make it special. There will never be another day exactly like today.


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