I was stalling this morning. I knew what I wanted to write. Several scenes were queued in the writing stream, ready for release.

But I was stalling. Why? I like to think I was limbering myself. So I checked news, stocks, sports, weather…idling my writing mind, passing time…ahem, stalling. 

I know some of the stalling was due to uncertainty. While I knew these scenes, I wrestled with another aspect of the trilogy. That sort of excursion always slows me, no matter what project I’m working

My stalling ended abruptly with one line that I read:

“Browns find out how far down the rabbit hole goes”

A new angle of dialogue and thought were ignited. Like that, I went from stalling to impatiently writing.

Then I paused to write about it and share it with you.

I asked myself about that: why was I posting about it? But writing’s point for me it to help me think about what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I spare you deeper words and insights, because I’m writing for me, and doing just enough to unleash my thinking.

Okay, time to write like crazy, at least one more time, even if it is a new year.


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