Herding Cats

You ever have a morning where it feels like you’ve been herding cats, and the cats just don’t want to be herded?

Yeah. More coffee, please.


2 thoughts on “Herding Cats

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  1. Cats are difficult to herd, but they can be led or guided, especially if you use a red laser pointer.

    But yeah, I’ve had days that felt like too much attempted metaphorical cat herding, too. It’s bad enough when they (actually humans, not cats) refuse to move, but when they also refuse to get out of my way and at least allow me to do something…

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    1. This is a day when they won’t be led, either. “Food?” they say. “What is that? Why are you shaking that bag of treats at me? Let me sit on your foot, and chase you around, meowing. Don’t close that door! Why don’t you understand basic meownese?”

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